Corporate Profile

We are a global corporation with
45 companies in 25 countries
that provides high-quality products
to our customers around the globe.


Tetsuya Yoshinaga, President & CEO

We at EXEDY, under our corporate philosophy of Satisfaction in Creation, do business with over 100 countries, always making sure that we uphold the EXEDY Way, which is our system of prioritization that puts safety first, quality second, our 'just in time'* system third, and our cost-effective approach fourth.

As a global corporation and specialty manufacturer with sales and production locations in 25 countries, 45 affiliates, over 14,000 employees working in our global network, and a history of over sixty years in manufacturing drivetrain components, we provide high quality products to all regions of the globe.

So that we can satisfy the needs of each and every one of our customers, we at EXEDY Group strive to provide our customers with products made using advanced technology, always making sure that our response is done in a speedy and meticulous manner.

We hope that we will be able to receive your continued patronage.

Tetsuya Yoshinaga
President & CEO
EXEDY Corporation

Tetsuya Yoshinaga

Corporate Philosophy

Creation of Fulfillment

Each employee, with a good conscience and hope for the future,
will create fulfillment for our society.
Through advanced technology and scrupulous attention to detail,
we will create fulfillment for our customers.
With pride and a desire to grow, we will create fulfillment for the EXEDY employees.

Our Guiding Principles

Everyone of us
participates with strong self-motivation
-A company that meets challenges with vitality.

Cooperates and strives for performance.
-A company that whose efforts are rewarded.

Practices what we preach.
-A company that accomplishes its stated goals.

Builds mutual respect and trust.
-A company with pride.

Encourages workers to grow as individuals.
-A company that makes the most of individual talent.

Business Domain

With advanced technology and a dedication to service, a firm base in manufacturing drive train components, we aim to be a world-leader in our field.

Management Policy


EXEDY will continue to grow and evolve as a global company, contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

  1. Safety first
  2. Highest quality
  3. Strictly adhere to deadlines
  4. Competitive manufacturing
  5. Speed
  6. Make a company where employees are fulfilled
  7. Focus on ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)