EXEDY Group's Sustainability Activities

Our Commitment to Quality

Under the Quality Policy and the Detailed Conduct Regulations described below, the EXEDY Group, as a specialized manufacturer of drivetrain components such as clutches, torque converters, AT parts, transmission for construction and industrial vehicles and motorcycle clutches, etc., is committed to carry out its production activities maintaining the highest quality and manufacturing capabilities, and provide reliable quality in response to customers’ individual needs.

Our approach

In order to implement this Quality Policy, all employees engage in their work with the following Detailed Conduct Regulations in mind.

Detailed Conduct Regulations

So that we may provide our customers with products and services that give them the highest level of satisfaction, we will continue to ensure that our products are always manufactured with safety as a priority, and that their quality meets the demands of all our customers.
In addition to this, we will continue to challenge ourselves to be a company where zero defects are the standard.

1. Guaranteeing Quality

1) So that zero defects are produced, we will:
Control progression through stage transitions
Fully adhere to manufacturing change management and the handling of abnormal conditions
Improve nonstop through QCC activities

2)We will act based on the idea of guaranteeing our own process. This means:
・We will not take in defects from any preceding processes
・We will not create defects within our own process
・We will not pass defects on to any subsequent processes

3)We will act based on the idea that the subsequent process is the customer. This means:
・We will work such that there is no need to go back and do it again
・We will work once we have obtained a clear image of what it is that will be outputted, and will eliminate time wasted by having to redo work
・We will summarize what is needed, and improve our own work
・We will output products that both please and satisfy our customers

4) We will thoroughly use statistical quality control (SQC) and guarantee the quality of our products. This means:
・We will not rely on our own experience, intuition, or gut feeling
・We will use statistical methods, such as the seven basic tools of quality (QC7), in response to any problems
・We will always base our quality judgments on data

5)In order to achieve the four points listed above, with a sense of speed, we will strive to work in cooperation with not just other departments within the company, but also with our affiliates and customers.

2. Market Information

1)We will establish systems that are always able to acquire information about the value of both our products and those of our competitors.

2)We will immediately relay all feedback regarding customer satisfaction and consumer requests back to EXEDY.